Don't drown in the data stream.

metris helps you leverage public and private data by extracting and analyzing events.
Understand what is happening when nobody else does.



Don't depend on a company's disclosures to calculate its ESG rating. Prove or disprove them with data extracted from third-party sources. Let metris automatically detect relevant events, trigger alerts, and extract the relevant meta-data from reports.

For: ESG rating agencies, investor relations representatives, and asset managers

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Event Analysis

From unstructured data, we automatically create a historical and real-time database on important events such as layoffs, new product releases, management changes.

Metadata extraction & dataset building

For each event, our engine extracts and normalizes key facts. Thus enabling scalable event analyses. Build your own dataset from our event meta-data.

Trends & Correlations

Aggregate and visualize event data to recognize trends and get the insights that you need. Create and publish dashboards to share these insights with your co-workers.

Under the Hood

Complex Data Sets

Our sophisticated data pipeline enables us to ingest, process, and store documents from hundreds of sources. This includes public sources like news, but also your internal sources.

Natural Language Processing

To solve the tasks needed for event analysis, we apply natural language processing through state-of-the-art deep learning models.

Intuitive Interface

Our web interface enables you to explore, analyze and interact with data freely. You can directly create aggregations and visualizations, or export relevant data as CSV.

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