Analyst superpowers for you and your organization.

You spend hours each week researching companies, skimming websites and reports, or collecting data?

Automate your research with metris. Create custom data streams and analyses that update themselves, even if they're based on complex questions. Focus on the big picture, not tedious data-gathering.

Answer complex questions in minutes

Which companies are most actively driving of 5G development?

Our Approach

metris supercharges analysts and researchers in finance, consulting and enterprise settings. We use advances in AI and NLP to build easy-to-use cognitive tools for you.

Jointly analyze both structured and unstructured data.
Tap into data sources from around the world and your own organization to find deeper insights than before.
Augment your cognitive skills.
metris supports analysts by automating mental work and making results reusable.
Creating detailed analyses has never been simpler.
All your work is transparently backed by evidence and sources. Easily share and collaborate on projects with others.

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